Gonzo X Knizek


Gonzo X Knizek 

Paired in early December 2010. Gonzo ovulated on 31Jan11, and is expected to lay in mid-March 2011.   
Gonzo laid 16 fertile eggs on 11 March 2011.
The first egg pipped very early on 1 May 2011. I pipped the remainder of the eggs and headed to work , and by the next moring (2 May 2011) all but four had left the egg.
3 May 2011 Update- All the neos have left the egg, one died post hatch, one has a kink above the cloaca and a stub tail. The final count is 15 neos, 7 yellow, 7 maroon/brown and one mixed yellow and red. 
28 May 2011 These babies are rippers!!!  All have eaten at least 2 meals.
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