Available Rhino Ratsnakes

I have sexed U.S. Captive Born & Bred Rhino Ratsnakes from two clutches that hatched in 2016. The Rhinos with .2 designation are from this pairing RR1401 X RR1402, and Rhinos with the .3 designation are from this pairing RR1401 X RR1201.
All of these Rhino’s were started on rodents and have never eaten fish or any other scenting method. Currently they are eating F/T fuzzy/hopper mice left in their tub. 


Available Solo Female for $600.00 shipped to the Continental U.S. Please use the ID number either in the photo or below the photo when referencing an animal. 





 I can be contacted via email – buddybuscemi@gmail.com, personal message on FaceBook or phone 410-446-1112.