Terms of Sale


Please read!! This is important!!

NOTE – Failure to read the terms, whether accidental or intentional, will not, under any circumstances, be a reason to consider them void or altered.

All animals are guaranteed to be outwardly healthy and free of external parasites. I do not guarantee that any chondro purchased from me will not develop prolapses, skin folds or spinal kinks in the future. Any problems must be brought to my attention within 24 hours of receiving shipment. After 24 hours of the shipment’s arrival, I assume no further liabilities. Should the purchaser wish to return an animal, the expense of return shipping will be covered by the purchaser, not the seller. I guarantee that all animals are feeding aggressively for me. Shipping is very stressful and can result in chondros going off feed. I will do my best to help you if this does occur. It is your responsibility to have the knowledge and experience to care for and feed any snakes purchased from me. This includes the possibility of re-establishing a chondro to eat again. Credit towards another animal will be issued if the purchaser believes a refund is due.


Your chondro should continue to do well for you but once you take possession of the animal/s, you are responsible for its health and well-being. Some animals will require a period of adjustment before they will eat. This is particularly true for male chondros. My chondros are well fed, and a fast should not harm them.

 It is presumed by me that you possess the skills required to keep chondros in an appropriate enclosure and healthy state. You are therefore assumed to possess adequate knowledge of caging requirements such as, but not limited to: size, humidity and temperature. Naturally, I will gladly offer any assistance requested, but ultimate responsibility must be yours as the housing conditions will be completely under your control.

As stated elsewhere, although I only sell chondros that have a healthy feeding response and readily eat for me, a change in environment, setting, shipping, etc. can be enough to disrupt a chondro’s feeding habits. It is assumed that you possess the skills to be able to get a non-feeding chondro back to readily feeding. I will always gladly offer any suggestions and tips should the need arise.

Sexing Policy—- I do sex chondros once they are old enough to sex, usually at least one year of age. Due to the difficult and delicate nature of sexing chondros I am not always correct sexing  young chondros. If the animal probes  differently then advertised a refund will be issued once the animal is returned. You have 14 days (including weekends) to verify the sex of your snake. After 14 days I will assume that sex has been verified and is correct.


On certain occasions shipping may need to be postponed due to severe weather. I have the final say on whether it is safe to ship your snake….period. The shipper (that means me) assumes the liability for a loss during shipping. I will not put an animal at risk in order to satisfy an impatient purchaser. All FedEx deliveries must be picked up at a FedEx facility (per the terms of my agreement with FedEx). 

I regularly accept payment plans. I normally allow the purchaser to set the terms with in reason. If you fail to make any payment when it is scheduled you will forfeit your money paid and your snake. I will not send the buyer a reminder about a due payment. It is the purchasers responsibility to make payments on the terms you, the purchaser has agreed upon. If you are unable to pay the balance by the due date you will forfeit your deposit and your snake.

International Shipping -Customers wil be charged a minimum fee of $150 for each C.I.T.E.S permit application.  C.I.T.E.S paperwork takes approximately 60-120 days to get approved.  I will need your name or company name,  address, phone numbers (including international code) and the name of the airport for importation.  Shipping cost depend on season of the year, destination, courier, etc.  Prior to shipping, a $250-300 U.S. Fish & Wildlife inspection fee applies and a $50 packaging and handling fee applies.  Other fees may apply. Minimum for all International orders is $1000.00 U.S. Dollars.  International orders must be paid at time of order.  No quantity discounts are given to international orders due to the fact that extra costs are required to house and feed the animals during the C.I.T.E.S application process of 2-4 months.  No live arrival guarantee on international orders.  Prices at time of order must be honored by the customer and us, even if prices change prior to shipping.  If the customer cancels the order prior to shipping no refund will be granted. The customer is responsible for knowing the requirements of the receiving company – for example veterinary health certifications, USDA stamps, or prophylaxis treatments. If a shipment is not allowed in to the country of importation due to missing documents or treatments a refund will not be issued. International customers have one year from the date of inquiry to complete the purchasing and shipping process or the contract of sale will be voided with no refunds.

Tips for a smooth transition

  1. Have the cage/enclosure set up and running well in advance of the arrival of your chondro.

  2. Give your chondro time to settle in and adjust to its new home.

  3. Restrict handling / photo taking / showing off your chondro until it has settled in and eaten a few meals.

  4. Quarantine your new chondro for at least sixty days.

  5. I keep young chondros (less than 2 years of age) in tubs. I recommend you do the same until your chondro has eaten a few times.

  6. I only mist chondros when they are in a shed.

  7. Keep your new chondro in a quiet part of the house, away from a lot of foot traffic and tv’s.

  8. Practice good husbandry skills, keep the water bowl clean and offer fresh water 2-3 times a week, remove fecal matter as soon as it is noticed, and regularly scrub the enclosure and perches with a disinfectant cleanser recommended for reptiles.

  9. Provide a light cycle of 12 hours on and 12 hours off.


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