18.1 Sagan (WPB1302.1) X O’Mitey (WPB1203.3)

Sagan is a female chondro from the 2012-13 pairing of Jewel X D’Huez and she was a yellow neonate. Her lineage contains the following bloodlines John Leckie, Rob Worrell, Marc Leschock, NZP blood, Trooper Walsh blood on both sides of the lineage, Van Meirop blood on both sides of the lineage, Philadelphia Zoo blood, and Biak blood. Some notable chondros in the Lineage include Mandango, Kelme, Computer Chondro, Calico Jr., and Lemongirl. Historically both yellow and red neonates can express melanism as adults.

O’Mitey is from the 2011-12 pairing of Gonzo X Ugrumov and he was a red neonate from an all red clutch. His sire is from the Bushmaster New Blue Lineage, and the Dam was USCBB Jayapura type produced by Speedy Gonzales.