18.4 Whiplash ( WPB1101.2) x Liggett ( WPB1201.3)

Whiplash is from the 2010-2011 pairing of Gonzo (F1 Jayapura Type) X Knizek. She was a yellow neonate from a mixed red/yellow clutch. One of her clutchmates was a red/yellow mixed neonate, often referred to as an Rotten Banana Crypsis (RBC) neonate. As and adult she has some black speckling, which is not common for chondros that were yellow neonates.  

Liggett is from the 2011-2012 pairing of Gonzo X Ugrumov. He was a red neonate from an all red clutch that has the now famous Bushmaster New Blue animals in his lineage. 

This clutch was a surprise, since I never witnessed any copulations between these two chondros and seperated the pair in early December of 2017. This pairing produced two RBC neonates.