13.1 Jewel (JL8.16.07 1-2) X D’Huez (MSBB0911)


This female was produced by John Leckie from Mark Leshock and NZP bloodlines. This female is froma bloodline that expresses melanism in yellow neonates.  Her bloodline contains, NZP blood, Trooper Walsh Blood, Van Meirop blood, Philadelphia Zoo blood, and Biak Blood.

The male was produced by me and Marc Spataro from the Kelme X Mandango pairing. Mandango is from Greg Maxwell’s Calico Jr. X Lemon Girl pairing. This male can trace his lineage back to the 1970’s. This male has blood from the following lines/animals Kelme, Computer Chondro, Calico Jr., NZP Blood, Al Zulich Blood, Van Meirop blood. Maroon Neonates from this line tend to express melanism & blue.


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