Research Papers and Informative Articles

Monitor Magazine 1999 Winslow Murdoch Chondro Article

Captive Breeding 1993 Sedgewick County Zoo Chondro article

A review of the systematics and taxonomy of Pythonidae: an ancient serpent lineage. Barker, Barker, Davis & Schuett

Natusch and Lyons (2014) Geographic and Sexual Variations in Body Size, Morphology, and Diet among Five Populations of Green Pythons (Morelia viridis)

Distribution, abundance and demography of green pythons (Morelia viridis) in Cape York Peninsula, Australia, ZO11031

Natusch and Lyons (2012) Relationships of colour and other stuff over ontogeny in M. viridis 

Wilson Paper

Phylogeographic analysis of the green python, Morelia viridis, reveals cryptic diversity

Lyons and Natusch Wildlife laundering

Editorial Response to Wild Caught Laundering

Response to Wild Caught Chondro Laundering

The influence of dehydration on the thermal preferences of the Western tiger snake, Notechis scutatus

Python phylogenetics: inference from morphology and mitochondrial DNA 

Annotated checklist of the recent and extinct pythons (Serpentes, Pythonidae), with notes on nomenclature, taxonomy, and distributionWulf D. Schleip1, Mark O’Shea2,3

The adaptive significance of ontogenetic colour change in a tropical python.

Life-history traits and ontogenetic colour change in an arboreal tropical python, Morelia viridis

Age- and sex-related differences in the spatial ecology of a dichromatic tropical python (Morelia viridis)

Blake H Vivarium GTP 1992 

T Walsh Same Old Snakes…

Walsh T Reproduction of Chondro… 1982

Rundquist E Captive Breeding GTP 1993.1

Switak Reptiles Article, Emerald Serpents Part 1.1

Switak Reptiles Article, Emerald Serpents Part 2.1

Walsh T R & A GTP 1997.1

A Captive Breeding of The Green Tree Python Peter Gray Herpetarium

Further Notes on the Husbandry, Breeding, and Behavior of Chondropython Viridis, Trooper Walsh National Zoological Park

Notes on Incubating Chondropython eggs, Paul J. Hollander

Reproduction Chondropython Viridis (Reptilia, Serpentes, Boidae) L.H.S. Van Mierop, Trooper Walsh and Dale L. Marcellini